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About us

Ama-Ijele Theater this is a theatre of integrated arts. The vision of the theatre is to build society through the arts. This vision is backed by the ideals of integration. This is an adaptation of the structures of African communalist society where various units of the society are interconnected for the development of the society and wellbeing of the members of such society. In building the society through the creative and performing arts, the theatre at the moment comprises of a Music Academy (Ichoku Academy), a drama troupe (The Happening Theater) and a social responsibility angle to the theatre is the “Privileged Troupe” which is made of physically challenged musicians who are being guided to depend on their artistic talents to for their survival and not on begging. These groups grow on their own and operate independently but the activity of each compliments the vision of the Ama-Ijele Theater just like the coming together of all of them does. There is expected therefore that more creative entrepreneurs in the tech world, in psychology, and indeed various professions come up with their own project which can become part of Ama-Ijele Theater. Thus one unit complements the other in providing solutions to social problems, thus every unit in the theatre operates in a web-like manner.


The Mission of the Theater:

The theatre is set to achieve the following goals:

  1. To promote the cultural values of Africa and thus better the life of Africans by promoting a true knowledge of self.
  2. To address emerging societal issues in African societies through proactive researches, which culminates in quality and empathic entertainment outputs.
  3. To abate the dangers of cultural erosion by helping to advance a cultural continuum. A situation where long-forgotten cultural practices of Africa can be reinvented for the continuous growth of African societies.
  4. To promote positive family values and empathic community life.
  5. To sustain the development of the human mind for people all over the world.
  6. To enrich the world with a good mix of cultural values.

The Vision of the theatre is to be a globally acclaimed and leading artistic society, building the African society through the creative and performing arts.


Aims and Objectives of Ama-ijele Theater:

The theatre has the following aims:

  1. To become a global authority in issues concerning developmental psychology in Africa by the year 2022.
  2. To become a leading research institute in the areas of African Personhood by the year 2022.
  3. To become the leading school of indigenous and modern African theatrical performances by the year 2022.
  4. To become the leading indigenous and modern Igbo music institute by the year 2022.
  5. To become the leading indigenous and modern African music institute by the year 2025.
  6. To become the leading institute of African studies by the year 2025.
  7. To become the leading institute of integrated learning (through research, teaching and entertainment) by the year 2025.

The above three points are built from the idea of the integrated ideals of Ama-Ijele theater and which Ichoku ensemble belongs to However the following points are focused on Ichoku ensemble particularly.