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Ichoku Academy

True to character, Gerald believes that he has more to learn from kids than he can ever teach them. Yet, he has been able to develop the musicianship of many children in both Igbo and Western music systems and instruments. He achieves this by relating with the kids in a dialogical way such that he allows their natural genius to imbue in him the desire to serve them.

By paying attention to the raw genius in children and seeking to inflame these geniuses, Gerald has become influential and made key discoveries on how to keep advancing a system of education that will serve as a continuum of the aspects of indigenous Igbo. This is all too important for both the Igbo person and the integrated world of human persons in various societies in our interconnected and interdependent world.

As a multi-instrumentalist, an enthusiast of Igbo musicianship and a well-groomed music graduate, he is well-positioned to continue influencing a balanced and grounded musicianship on his pupils and students; children and adults alike.