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Ogbu-Oja Eze by Tam Fiofori

OGBU-OJA EZE is a Sun Arts:BEP “guerrilla, open-air, catch-as-catch-can,” documentary film by TAM FIOFORI, about a day in the life of a western-educated modern minstrel Mmaduabuchi Gerald Eze a first-class music graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, who plays the centuries-old Igbo traditional instrument, the OJA.

Eze, as an ogbu-oja (Igbo flute-player) talks about his love of this traditional instrument; its use within traditional Igbo society, explains how the Oja is fabricated, demonstrates how various sounds are coaxed out of the Oja and, further talks about his passion to project the Oja as a world-class-accepted musical instrument and, his compelling dream of incorporating the Oja into various genres of global popular music.

Watch the trailer for the documentary film, Ogbu-Oja Eze by Tam Fiofori